A Love Of Learning Takes Children Far

Fully Immersing Your Child in a Learning Experience That They LOVE

A Love Of Learning Takes Children Far

A Love Of Learning Takes Children Far

Fully Immersing Your Child in a Learning Experience That They LOVE

Pre-K | 3 – 5 years | Serving Canfield, Columbiana, Leetonia and Salem OH

Customized Lesson Plans promise a bright future

Expert teachers carefully craft individualized weekly lesson plans to meet the needs of your child. These educational experiences are fun and rewarding and invite your child to be fully engaged and continuously learning.

a hands-on Classroom that jumpstarts your child's learning

Preschoolers love to get messy! Teachers fully immerse them into a classroom where they can participate and make the most of each experiential learning activity. Opportunities for learning include the following subjects:

teachers use a creative and engaging Curriculum

Your child gets hands-on lessons that fully immerse them in the joy of learning. Children make ice cream, build bird’s nests from raw materials, use their imagination, as well as garden and get in the dirt, planting seeds.

children gain independence through learning

Teachers provide an environment that allows your child to gain the independence they need to be successful. Children go far beyond the “ABCs,” as each child has encouragement to explore beyond the basics, at their own pace, while developing their strengths and working on any area of weakness.

teachers Monitor Your Child’s Progress for continual improvement

Highly specialized teachers monitor your child’s progress to understand their individual development better. With the approach that each child is unique, teachers work with you and your child every step of the way. By tracking the progress, improvements to your child’s learning plan are more effective.

Nutritional Meals Are Provided At No Cost

Good eating habits start young, so we offer warm, home-cooked meals, packed with proper nutrition. Rest assured your little one receives balanced, nutritious meals, low in sugar and fat, that are so tasty!

daily essentials Like Diapers and Sunscreen are included in tuition

Diapers, wipes, formula, and sunscreen are convenient perks that come with your child’s care. As the only daycare in the region that offers this, the aim is to be of service to the community, and take the burden off of you.

Daily Spanish, Yoga, and Movement supports their learning

Along with academic and exploratory play, your child practices Spanish and does Yoga every day. They garden weekly, and benefit from movement and art enrichment; all included in the cost of tuition.

Communication at Your Fingertips with the Brightwheel™ App

Get real-time updates and fun pictures of your child’s day-to-day, such as a cute picture of artwork they’ve only just completed! Stay informed of your child’s health and well-being with the convenient parent communication app, Brightwheel™.


"I feel confident that she is receiving excellent care."

We have had a very good experience with small wonders. Kaysen loves going every day and she goes and comes home happy. I feel confident that she is receiving excellent care. Keep up the good work!

Chris B
"The whole staff and whole program is amazing"

I am so happy and thankful for choosing Small Wonders to take care of my children while I'm working. The whole staff and whole program is amazing and they go beyond, which I am very grateful for.

Allison S
" Very friendly and great atmosphere."

I absolutely love it here and so do my kids ! Very friendly and great atmosphere. Glad I chose them for childcare will never go anywhere also.They take pride in there work & It's like a little family there. Can't express how much I love this place.

Jessica S