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Spring At Small Wonders!

By Sandy Geist, Salem Administrator

April 2019

Well, Spring has sprung at Small Wonders and we are celebrating spring! Our rooms look like spring too. The rooms are decorated in beautiful colors. Butterflies, flowers, birds, rainbows, and sunshine. It is a cheerful place. The children love playing outside. We are going to be talking about outdoor safety, bike safety, swimming pool safety, and fire safety. We will be visiting the fire station for a field trip where we
tour the fire station, go in the firetrucks, and spray water at a pretend fire. Fun Fun Fun

We have not forgotten about learning... This month some skills consist of working on our large motor skills such as mastering the balance beam, running, skipping, jumping and playing with the parachute. The children also enjoy bouncing, rolling, and catching our large red rubber balls. Not only are they having fun, but they are learning coordination as well. We are also studying about the five senses, number recognition, writing numbers, counting, some more of our alphabet letters and sounds, rhyming, opposites and much much more. The children love learning and we love teaching them. We are also getting ready for Easter. The children are having fun getting ready for this special holiday. They are making colorful Easter eggs, Easter bunnies, bunny puppets, bunny ears, much more. They will also be hunting for Easter eggs full of jellybeans. YUM YUM.

The children are going to receive a free vision screening performed by trained Goodwill Vision Screening Volunteers. They come every year to test the children’s eyes. They are wonderful with the children.

We will be honoring our mothers in May. The children will celebrate Mother’s Day by making their mothers a special gift. Happy Mother’s Day to all of you wonderful mothers out there!! We love you!!

Well, our official “school year” is coming to a close. Our annual end of year celebration is just around the corner. It will be a special event at our local park. The children have worked very hard this year and are to be commended for all of their achievements.

Summer will be upon us soon. That means walks, fun on the playground, bubbles, water balloons, sidewalk chalk, Popsicles and much more. The Kona Ice truck will also be visiting Small Wonders with delicious cold treats for the children. The school age can also sign up to go on a bus to Camelot Lanes for bowling and lunch. The school-age kids love it!! Every other Thursday mornings, all summer long, the Salem Public Library visits our school for our school-age children. A librarian from the children department comes and shares stories
and does a craft with the older children. It is a wonderful program for our children and they totally enjoy it. Let the spring and summer fun begin!

Teacher Talk

Small Wonders Salem Pre-K learns math, science and literacy as they open the Small Wonders Ice Cream Shop!

What is quality child care?

When I was a young mother, I had no idea what quality childcare looked like.  It wasn’t until I attended college and received my degree in early childhood education that I truly understood the impact that “environment” played in the education of young children.  Studies show that setting up an environment that is engaging, calming, and promotes independence is very important in determining a child’s outcome.  Put yourself in a child’s shoes. Walk into a room meant for children and decide: does this room invite me to play, or does it look cluttered and unwelcoming?  Are the materials purposefully placed or are they pushed together on a shelf so they don't make sense to me? Have materials been selected that are both age appropriate and educational? Or are they garage sale toys that have very little meaning in play? 

An educated teacher purposefully plans your child's classroom with toys that are research based and age appropriate. "Centers" are grouped according to learning purpose such as science, math, language, and writing. The centers are well established and noticeable.  This ensures that each child knows the space has been created for that purpose, and it all makes sense.  Early childhood development is one of the most important times in a child's life.  Early learning lays the foundation for all future development -- it should never be taken lightly. 

I encourage you to take a good, long, look at the environment in which you are placing your young child. Does it nurture your child's developmental needs? Or is it just a place to put your child while you work?

See more in my next blog about caregiver responsiveness and the role it plays in quality care.

Until Next Time,

Leslie Schreiber
Owner & Chief Administrator
Small Wonders Discovery & Learning Center

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