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Introducing the 

Small Wonders Scholarship Fund

     We love our community! That's why we've started the Small Wonders Scholarship Fund. Our aim is to help struggling families pay tuition for their children's care at Small Wonders. This is a great way for us to help families who maybe don't qualify for a subsidy or can't afford child care or preschool. 

   All proceeds will go directly to the Small Wonders Scholarship Fund. 

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Dinner for a cause! Join us for dinner at Coaches Burger Bar in Salem, where a percentage of the sales will be donated to Small Wonders Scholarship Fund, in support of local families who need assistance affording daycare & preschool tuition. 

Tell all your friends! Bring your family! Come to learn more about Small Wonders Discovery & Learning Center! Please share this event and help us spread the word!

Thank you to the vendors and members of the community who came to our FIRST EVER Fall Fair in support of the Small Wonders Scholarship Fund. Because of your kindness, we can now begin helping local families and at-risk children receive the quality care, education and attention they deserve.