My name is Leslie Schreiber. I am a mother of 3 girls, ages 21, 20 and 9. I just recently became a grandmother as well, which has been very exciting for me.

     I have been married to my husband Jeff for 11 years. I raised my two older girls as a single parent for many years. Duri ng that time I worked two jobs and attended college classes. I finally received my Associate degree in Early Childhood Education from Kent State University and then went on to receive a Bachelor degree from the University of Cincinnati in Early Childhood Education, specializing in children ages 0-5. I Absolutely LOVE working with children.

     I have worked for several companies as a teacher of young children. I finally discovered that I was saddened by the lack of enthusiasm I saw in many of the staff members I worked with, so I decided to open my own center - where I could hire staff who are passionate about serving young children. I wanted to open a place where all children were treated with respect and love. Now we are fortunate to have 5 locations with wonderful and loving staff.

At Small Wonders Discovery & Learning Centers, we strive to bring THE very best in education and care for your child. That means following the guidelines set forth by Ohio’s Step Up To Quality Program. On their 5-Star Tier, our centers have been rated a ‘4’. What does that mean for you and your child?

*We create a curriculum for each age group and individual child according to Ohio Early Learning Standards. Every child in our care receives yearly screenings to make sure they’re on track in their growth.

*We keep a weekly plan of activities for each of our classrooms that teach social & emotional development, cognitive & general knowledge, physical well-being, motor development, and language & literacy.

*We keep you updated on your child’s progress and make sure you understand the assessment process.

*Our staff is not only highly qualified & educated but also receives education regularly. We also support our loving staff with great benefits.

*We work with families and the communities around us to ensure we are reaching our goals. 

*In addition to these guidelines, we provide nutritious food and balanced meals, diapers and wipes for infants and toddler, help with potty training, provide the formula of YOUR choice, and love your child as much as you do.     

small Wonders Discovery & Learning Centers

grew from my own passion to make daycare and preschool a more loving and compassionate environment for our children. 

Leslie Schreiber  

President & CEO

LEFT:  I am proud to have fostered a tight-knit environment between my staff, our families, and I. I proudly invest in our centers and my staff! Here we are at a training seminar in Chicago! From left to right: Christie Kowalsky (Leetonia administrator), Leslie Schreiber, Kris Murray (Industry Expert) Bridget Russell (HR and Greenford Infant Teacher) and Kirsten Mariotti (Greenford Administrator).

TOP: Meet my wonderful family! My husband Jeff (the Chef) and I, My daughters Lauren, Hannah & Grace, my son in law Kieran and my grandson Ethan.

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