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My name is Leslie Schreiber. I am a mother of 3 girls, ages 21, 20 and 9. I just recently became a grandmother as well, which has been very exciting for me.

     I have been married to my husband Jeff for 11 years. I raised my two older girls as a single parent for many years. Duri ng that time I worked two jobs and attended college classes. I finally received my Associate degree in Early Childhood Education from Kent State University and then went on to receive a Bachelor degree from the University of Cincinnati in Early Childhood Education, specializing in children ages 0-5. I Absolutely LOVE working with children.

     I have worked for several companies as a teacher of young children. I finally discovered that I was saddened by the lack of enthusiasm I saw in many of the staff members I worked with, so I decided to open my own center - where I could hire staff who are passionate about serving young children. I wanted to open a place where all children were treated with respect and love. Now we are fortunate to have 5 locations with wonderful and loving staff.‚Äč

small Wonders Discovery & Learning Centers grew from my own passion to make daycare and preschool a more loving and compassionate environment for our children. 

Leslie Schreiber, President & CEO

LEFT:  I am proud to have fostered a tight-knit environment between, my staff, our families, and I. I proudly invest in our centers and my staff- here we are at a training seminar in Chicago! From left to right: Christie Kowalsky (Leetonia administrator), Leslie Schreiber, Kris Murray (Industry Expert) Bridget Russell (HR and Greenford Infant Teacher) and Kirsten Mariotti (Greenford Administrator).

TOP: Meet my wonderful family! My husband Jeff (the Chef) and I, My daughters Lauren, Hannah & Grace, my son in law Kieran and my grandson Ethan.